Idiopathic Peripheral Motor Neuropathy


Welcome Snow

Hello I'm Cecil Tubbs.
I'm also known as LazyElk.

  I live all the time in this Wheel-Chair. I have a condition that I never heard of  put me in this wheel chair.
 Never think that something like this can't happen to you.
 I'm here to tell you that it can happen  I had a normal child hood. But through out the years I always had problems with my legs for some reason. The doctors couldn't find any reason as to why my legs would give out once in a while. Now here I am in my late fifties. I am told by the doctors that I have a condition called Idiopathic Peripheral Motor Neuropathy. So now I am in a wheel-chair about ninety percent of the time. And I live in constant pain. The pain is so great that it's a good thing that I have an old fashion metal desk. Here's a laugh for you. I have to keep an extra key board on hand all the times. Why you may ask?  Well, every now and then the pain is so bad that I lose control and I end up breaking a key board. Then I have to get one of the spares out . When that happens I go an buy another  for standby. Needless to say I buy the cheapest ones I can find. Over the last six years things have gotten worse for me. Where as for a couple of years things were fair. I was walking even though I needed the aid of a cane. Then I went from a canes to crutches. Now I'm in this wheelchair. So far the only thing that helps control the pain is Methadone and I'm not taking near as much as my brother.
  Things will continue to get worse. From what my doctors at the VA here in Arkansas say. I had a good day at the VA then the doctors went to tell the wife what she could expect that in the future that things were going to get to the point that she would end up being my legs. And that she would be doing a lot of things that no wife should have to do. As I will have no control of myself below the waiste. Well, to make this short. She told them that they were to tell me to my face not to go behind my back and tell her the truth and tell me something else. That was the end of a good day.
One of these days, I hope sometime in the future they'll find a way of stopping this. As much as I'd like it will not be in my time., So that people will be able to still work and play the way a person should.
I'm going to change the subject a little. I need to get happy so I going to talk about my Grandmother Goldie May.
     I was given the name LazyElk by my Grandmother on my dads side. I called her Grandma Goldie. In my family the men's mother has the right to name the first male child . When it comes to their own daughters. That was just the mothers and her husband. Unless Grandma Goldie was asked for her help. But the names were still up to the parents still six years till I recieved my name of "LazyElk".......
It took that long for Grandma Goldie to pick just the right name. And she found it when she seen a deer laying in her yard one day. But because there were so many differient forms of deer being used by the family, that was then Grandma decided   to use elk. That was when Grandma told my mother  that I was to be called LazyElk....
Alice, My loving wife for twentyfive years.

Most Admired;
My Dad; Cecil Tubbs,Sr., John Wayne, JFK, Frank Sanatra, Bob Hope, Billy Michell, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, Barbra Strisand, The Platters, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Al Jolson, and Lois Armstrong


My Hobbies;

Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Canoeing, Cooking, Hiking, and I enjoy writing some stories about SciFi myself. Some I can do and some that I'm unable to do. And as time goes it will get harder to do things I enjoy

My Favorite Web Links;
Sometimes new is not better. This is a site for old version programs.
This is a nation wide organization. That offers help to all people that is afflected with Neuropathy of all types.And gives information as to what is happening.  Plus, you can find out if there is a group near you.
This is a group that I have on Yahoo. Any and all are welcome to visit and to join if you like.

Favorite book:
  Catherine The Great,  All Cook Books.

Favorite food:
  Dream food Prime Rib and Lobster, Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken.

Favorite TV show:
  The Food Network, Discovery, Scifi, TCM, TBS,

Favorite Band or Musician: 
  Beach Boys, Bach, Beethovrn, Mozart,  Barbera Streisand,  Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Doors, Jerry lee Lewis,

Favorite movie:
  She Wore a Yellow Ribbin, Birdman of Alcatraz, Trapeze, Old Man and The Sea,

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